COST?   While costs vary a lot, the average cost of vinyl and composite fence,
decking or railing is generally 30-50% more than wood, but the maintenance free
properties far offset the added cost, especially considering that there is usually no
warranty on any wood fence or deck product, but most composites offer 20 or
more year warranties and most vinyl products offer a Lifetime or Transferable
Lifetime warranty.

PRODUCT LIFE & MAINTENANCE ?  Wood products require at least an initial
finishing to avoid weathering to gray, and follow up annual maintenance of deep
cleaning, staining and refinishing but seldom retains the original wood tone finish.  
Vinyl and composite products generally require only routine broom or pressure
washer cleaning, no staining or refinishing and often retain up to 100 percent of
the original finish color and tone.

VALUE?  The most significant property of vinyl and composite products versus
wood is their appreciating value due to extended life and quality backed by their
warranty, versus the declining life and quality of wood products that carry no
warranty.. A wood fence or deck project will almost immediately depreciate to no
value added at time of sale of the property, whereas the vinyl or composite
products will actually appreciate in value along with the property where installed
and the cost is returned partially or in full upon the sale of that property.

Developers and builders have realized vinyl and composite products with lifetimes
well beyond that of wood are a great selling point for long term residential or
commercial projects because the fence or deck products at the initial start of the
project retain the "new" look that will promote sales as the project matures, where
as the deterioration of wood products not properly maintained will detract from the
project as it matures losing sales, not to mention significant costs to maintain for
the duration of the project and probably indefinitely.

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